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DevBytes: Short Coding News

DevBytes: Short Coding News

Coding News in a short and crisp format

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·Feb 1, 2023·

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DevBytes is an application that brings coding and programming news.
you get all the latest coding news from the programming universe in one place. Get updates about advanced JavaScript, advanced Python, Node.js, React, Angular, Go, GitHub, algorithms, Web3, CLI, CSS, web development tools, FAANG news, Machine Learning, and even startups. As a bonus, DevBytes also covers crypto news, blockchain, and NFTs.

DevBytes provides coding news in a short and crisp format. This short news app has been designed especially for developers, product managers, and engineering managers to stay updated with what is happening in the technology world. It selects the latest advanced coding and technology news from both national and international sources, famous tech blogs, and social media and summarizes them in less than 64 words.

Every developer has different reading needs and at DevBytes, you can select relevant categories of news you are interested in. Cut the clutter and get only what you need.

Features Of DevBytes :

You will get summaries of all the relevant advanced coding news covering new releases of programming languages. Bite-sized news for busy developers to get updated in a short time.

It provides the crypto watch which is a quite cool feature.
For all crypto enthusiasts, the Crypto Watch feature lets you stay updated with the current prices and daily changes for all major cryptocurrencies.

The auto-swipe feature is also available in the applications and will automatically swipe your news feed at a specific time that will be shown on the page of the news in the application.

The DevBytes application also has the feature of scheduling to keep you updated with your tech news. you can easily set a specific time to get the notification.

In a world full of busy people, The application provides you with coding and programming news in the sort format in just 64 words saving you time.

Through the DevBytes application, you can also bookmark the news to manage them easily and read them in just one click later, when you want.

It provides you with the news in different scripts so you can read them all in one place easily, and it offers you many topics to choose from to read your news.

Growing your career also means getting access to relevant opportunities. DevBytes solves this aspect by curating top programming jobs for full-stack, backend, frontend, and Android developers from across the globe.

~ I am using this app for 4-5 days trust me it made my day, In just 64 words we get to know many amazing things and I liked the Crypto watch feature.

Conclusion: The DevBytes application is a simply amazing one to have for reading news related to coding and programming. It provides you with a simple short format of the news in just 64 words or fewer than 64 words. It allows you to choose from multiple topics and get these news items in your feed to read them easily. The auto-swipe feature is also available in the application and helps by swiping the news automatically at the specified time that is shown in the application. The bookmark feature is also available in the applications to manage your favourite news in one place. Overall, I have liked this application, and I strongly recommend it.

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